IRON Strategic Income Fund


The Fund seeks to maximize total return by strategically adjusting the portfolio's exposure to the high yield market.

Strategic Goal

  • Superior risk-adjusted returns relative to the Merrill Lynch High Yield Master II Index

Fund Highlights

  • Active Risk Management- The Fund seeks to provide competitive returns in rising markets and greater stability in declining markets. In adverse market conditions, the managers aim to limit drawdown by hedging credit risk. 
  • Total Return Focus- The Fund strives to capture the optimal combination of capital appreciation and income.
  • Low Cost High Quality Exposure- The Fund may invest in a wide variety of securities including individual bonds, ETFs, mutual funds and credit default swaps to attain the lowest cost, highest quality exposure.

Annual Distribution

Record Date:                              December 02, 2011

Ex-Dividend/Reinvest Date:      December 05, 2011

Payable Date:                             December 05, 2011



Institutional Class

            Short-Term Capital Gains per share - $0.2849

            Long-Term Capital Gains per share -  $0.2010



Investor Class

           Short-Term Capital Gains per share - $0.2849

           Long-Term Capital Gains per share -  $0.2010


Institutional Share Class
Ticker IFUNX
Cusip 90470K446
12b-1 Free None
Gross Expense Ratio 1.65%1
Annual Report Expense Ratio 1.15%2
NAV as of 11/24/2015 10.45
NAV Change -0.10%

Investor Share Class
Ticker IRNIX
Cusip 90470K180
12b-1 Fee 0.25%
Administrative Fee 0.10%
Gross Expense Ratio 1.99%1
Annual Report Expense Ratio 1.50%2
NAV as of 11/24/2015 10.53
NAV Change -0.09%
Inception Date 10/11/2006
Total Net Assets (9/30/2015) $243M
Distribution Schedule Quarterly
No Load